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Why Isprava? | Luxury Holiday Home and Villas for Rent in Goa

Why Isprava?


Living in a big city has its benefits; you have easy access to public services, shopping, entertainment options and businesses. However, there is something to be said about living a simpler life. Go back to the days of your childhood when life was carefree and close to nature. This is what we try to bring back with our luxury holiday homes in Goa. Isprava builds luxury villas in North Goa which transport you to a space of peace, tranquillity and calm. Our homes are secluded and private but are also a short drive from many of Goa’s highlights. You can spend the day lounging in your private pool and then drive only ten minutes to have dinner at one of Goa’s best restaurants. It is keeping this lifestyle in mind that we built Isprava.

Owning a villa in Goa used to be a dream because the thought of maintaining a home in another state was more of a nightmare. Seeing this gap in the market, we decided to create a segment of luxury homes that require nothing more than for you to show up. We take care of all your amenities, furniture and services from your air conditioners and cable television to having coconut water stocked in the fridge for your arrival. We also hire staff to take care of your home and have a concierge service that is always on call. So whether you need to book your favourite restaurant or have a car arranged to pick up your friends from the airport, we’ve got you covered!

Another unique feature of every Isprava holiday home is that we furnish your home with antiques and artefacts that we have sourced from palaces and havelis across India, and the world. Each tile is handmade as is each piece of furniture in your home. This means that the story your home tells is completely unique and for you and your family alone. We work with brilliant architects, talented interior designers and the best operations team to ensure your homes are built to surpass even your wildest dreams, and in record time! You never have to worry about construction being delayed with us as we are completely honest and transparent about how we work. So far we have delivered every home we’ve built in less than 14 months which is something we are extremely proud of.

For those of us who travel to Goa often but are not keen on purchasing something yet, we also offer villas for rent in Goa. When our homeowners are not staying at their luxury homes, they sometimes ask us to rent out their homes for them to other like-minded individuals. This ensures that they not only make some revenue from their home but that other people can also get a taste of the Isprava experience (if only for a weekend!).
No matter what your personality or preference, we have a home for you. Visit our website to learn more about the Isprava story and how you can become part of it.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Isprava – New Beginnings

The New Year has brought with it some new developments for the Isprava family. Among the biggest changes has been the website A website is the face of a brand; it is meant to exude the brand’s philosophy while serving its most primary function of providing information.

Knowing how discerning buyers are always keen on researching about a home and its creator in this digital age, it became imperative to update the Isprava website for facts, flair and photos.

The newly revamped website makes it a lot easier for the reader to get to exactly where they want.
Isprava homes are categorised as Estates, Villas and Vaados, and the website makes a clear distinction of these three categories of homes in both Isprava destinations: Goa and Nilgiris. With ample information on upcoming properties and in-depth explanation of the art and amenities of the sold homes, the website gives you an Isprava experience just at the click of a keypad.

Taking the turn of 2017 as a sign of good things to come, Isprava has now moved into a swanky new office in Anjuna. Combining local cultural influences with state-of-the-art office features, the new office embodies the spirit of Isprava in every sense.

Centrally located near some of the coolest restaurants in Goa, the new office offers visitors to Isprava and our employees a great view of the lively town centre. A lovely balcony that overlooks the Goan life, a short walk to the beach and enveloped by abundant greenery, this white and wooden office space makes work more fun and energetic.

Those who fancy an organic meal can do so at the nearby at Bean Me Up restaurant. Our office building also shares space with No Nasty, a socially responsible clothes brand that believes in fair trade, thus sharing our vision of integrity.

This pet-friendly office invites you to the Isprava experience as soon as you stand at our doorstep.


Isprava’s inherent attitude to keep its employees before itself permeates through its workers who, driven by passion, barely look at work as some mundane form of drudgery. New recruit Tanya Breja, Senior Marketing Executive, describes the atmosphere as “unreal” in the most delightful sense.

“Everyone goes out of their way to help you out and make you comfortable and that has a special impact cause during the initial days in any new company you’re scared, nervous and conscious. But the people make you feel part of the family in no time!” she says.

Governed by her own instinct of always keeping the team ahead of oneself, Tanya’s work philosophy aligned perfectly with Isprava’s. “When you start working towards achieving goals of your team members, you automatically achieve your goals as well. I have seen this quality in every successful entrepreneur including Nibhrant (Founder-CEO).”

This Senior Marketing Executive with a Bachelors in Management Studies, has also worked with UK-based MNC Appco in the space of direct marketing and sales. Loving the fact that her work at Isprava gives her ample opportunity to travel and learn about Goa and the Nilgiris, Tanya above all, loves the work environment itself. “The focus and dedication that every individual in the office possesses is what makes Isprava different. Nobody considers this as a 9-5 job, it’s about creating and selling something that is so unique and special which makes the work environment intense and fun at the same time,” she concludes.

“Isprava is professional without being hierarchical; it incentivizes employees to do more. The Isprava employee community is a great group from which to learn, grow and feel like you are part of dedicated group with a single goal. It is also very warm and you feel like you are part of a family. Everybody is super friendly and extremely helpful,” she smiles.

This general bonhomie is motivation enough for colleagues to want to pay it forward. “A team can grow if individuals also grow. Every person is different. It’s about seeing the strengths and inclinations of each individual, and using these to the advantage of the entire team.”

Priyanka has a Masters degree in International Broadcast Journalism and has previously worked with a news channel and as a media freelancer. With Isprava, it has been about moving from strength to strength that has kept her passion for the job alive. “The best part of the job is about learning more about every aspect of the business rather than being in your own silo.”

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Where to eat Goan in North Goa & Property in Goa

 When it comes to traveling in India, no itinerary is complete without a stopover in Goa. We first came to Goa when looking at land for sale in the sunny state. We wanted to create the perfect holiday homes for those discerning individuals who want more than just superficial luxury. Every Isprava home is built on the foundations of exclusivity, comfort and integrity; three things we take very seriously. If you are considering looking at property in Goa, reach out to us and let us share a little bit more about our story.

One thing that is undeniable is our love for Goa. Apart from the beautiful villas we build, Goa is home to some of the best food in India if not the world. We have had some incredibly unforgettable meals in Goa, many of which are of traditional Goan meals. Goan cuisine is influenced by its Hindu origins, Portuguese colonization and the Muslim rule that preceded the Portuguese. Goan cuisine uses rice, seafood, pork, coconut, kokum and local spices among other things. If you’re looking for a delicious Goan meal in North Goa, we suggest any of these restaurants to satisfy your cravings.

Vinayak- Vagator
A perennial Isprava haunt, Vinayak serves up great local fare and fresh seafood thalis. A little shack on the side of the road, Vinayak is family run and truly authentic.

Bhatti Village- Nerul
Small and non-descript, Bhatti Village is totally worth the trek down to Nerul. A family run bar, here you will find delicacies that you probably didn’t know existed. Try the roast pork, beef tomato and caramel custard.

Gopal’s- Ashvem
A nice little shack beside La Plage that is perfect for when beach bumming is your main objective. You will get all your favourites and lots of delicious snacks as well.

Spice- Mapusa
A kind of hidden gem, Spice has delicious, fresh seafood and great thalis as well. The menu kind of saunters off into the Chinese and North Indian cuisines but fear not, we’ve tried those too and they aren’t half bad!

Ritz Classic- Panjim
A Goan favourite, you get a great thali with pleasant service. Located near the Goa Museum you can make a day trip by visiting the museum followed by a seafood thali at Ritz Classic.

Mum’s Kitchen- Panjim
 The perfect introduction to Goan food, Mum’s Kitchen is located in a Portuguese villa in Panjim where you will find a line up at any point of time. Make sure to book yourself a table because the service takes some time. The dining room is quaint and pretty while the food is definitely good enough to write home about.

Anand Bar- Panjim
Another Panjim eatery, Anand Bar is always packed with a mix of locals and tourists. Located opposite the Taj Vivanta, this is a good option for those staying in the hotel that want a more local taste.

Monday, 26 December 2016

Isprava – Discover Dream Holiday home, Villa Evora & Villa Branco in Goa


1) Find rustic Japan in Goa
It’s tiny and quaint, but packs in a wasabi-hinted punch of Japanese authenticity in the heart of tourist-friendly Goa. Sakana, with its inviting rustic interiors and finger-licking delicacies of the Orient, is a treasure trove of gourmet deliciousness on the Anjuna-Vagator beach belt.The brainchild of Indian-Israeli Eliko and his Japanese wife Mali, Sakana offers authentic Japanese food with a particularly great focus on the meats. The menu includes a wide variety of dishes like Chicken Teriyaki and Beef Yakiniku and even has vegetarian option like Veg. Udon noodle dishes, Gyozas (Japanese-style momos) and various creative variations on tofu.

Soaking in the spirit of Goa, Sakana knows how to live it large. It’s possibly the only place in Goa that has altered its peg measure. A “small” measures 50 ml and a large is 100 ml, substantially more than the food and beverage norm in the country. That too, for no extra charge. Generous drinks and delightful food make Sakana a must-visit for every traveller

2) In Luv, with Isprava
Luv Shriram had to only sample an Isprava experience to be mesmerised by it. Much like romance, a chance encounter altered the course of life for Luv, who spearheads Shriram Veritech Solutions. Read more…

The proud owner of Villa Evora, Luv discovered Isprava when he stayed briefly at Villa Branco. “My idea of a dream holiday home has always been a luxurious home by the beach. Isprava’s attention to detail, heritage feel with contemporary designs and exquisite quality of work has made them unique players in the space of bespoke homes,” says Luv.

The entrance to Villa Evora, a charming Portuguese villa is replete with a foyer that leads into a passage with hand-finished walls, broken marble flooring and a stained-glass window. Boasting a lush garden that has a gazebo and a spacious veranda, Villa Evora provides the perfect oasis from the cacophony of city life. For Shriram, narrowing down on Villa Evora was a simple thing. After his stay at Villa Branco, he was keen to learn the full extent of the Isprava experience and found Villa Evora to resonate with who he is. “I love every bit of Villa Evora. Its distinct d├ęcor runs closest to my personality, so I feel very much at home here.” Visit us in Goa for the #IspravaExperience

3) Don’t worry, Live Happy
Tis the season to be jolly no doubt, but it’s also the season to party! Everyone loves a good bash but the one thing that can suck the joy out of the revelry is the post-party cleaning. Live Happy, the non-governmental organisation that’s committed to cleanliness, has just made that easy for you.
Goa has earned rightfully the title of India’s party capital because having a good time is in the beach state’s lifestyle blueprint. Live Happy, an NGO based in Goa, is making partying so much more hassle-free.

Hosting a bash in your Isprava property or anywhere else is that much easier when Live Happy is happy to clean up after you. So no more tottering around snoozing friends, empty bottles and half eaten snacks, the morning after. Live Happy takes care of collecting, segregating your post-party garbage while you get to sleep in a little longer.

4) Team Isprava’s New Year resolutions
Gianfrancesco Perrone: Give back
Andrew Das: Live happy
Ayushi Valia: Healthy living
Priyanka Apte: Run more and restart yoga
Rohit Taparia: Travel to a new country
Zaheed Lokhandwala: Read more

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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Destination Next- House for Sale in Coonoor & Kotagiri

20 minutes from Coonoor, Kotagiri is the oldest and smallest of the three Nilgiri hill stations. A quiet, unassuming and undiscovered town – its appeal is the escape to red dirt tracks in the pines, blue skies and the high green walls of the Nilgiris.

House for sale in Kotagiri

If you’re interested in the history of the Nilgiris, check out the wonderful little Sullivan Memorial, 2km north of Kotagiri centre. The house built in 1819 by John Sullivan, founder of Ooty, has been refurbished and filled with fascinating photos, newspaper cuttings and artefacts about local tribal groups, European settlements and icons like the toy train. It also contains the Nilgiri Documentation Centre, dedicated to preserving the region’s beauty and heritage.

House for sale in coonoor

If you are in the mood for some adventure visit Elk Falls, 6km away. Wildlife enthusiasts too are in for a treat as Kotagiri is an excellent place to spot, leopards, bison, gaurs and wild boars.
The world is full of breath-taking locales, it would be a travesty to curtail one’s overriding urge to discover. The best geography lessons aren’t found in books; they’re found on the road, by the sea, in the tranquil offerings of nature. Kotagiri is one such place where you can lose yourself just to find yourself.

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